Consumerist Minus Phil

I'm subscribed to the RSS feed of The Consumerist. For the most part it's an easy way to stay on top of "consumer" related issues that may affect me or someone I know, and may be overlooked or just glossed over by the other media outlets that feed me information.

I (and a seemingly large group of commenters on Consumerist) am pretty sick of one of their authors though, Phil Villarreal. If you look at the dumbest posts on, it's almost guaranteed that they've been authored by Phil. You see, Phil seems to aim for sensational headlines that try to turn a non-story into something that should shock and appall the reader.

These are a few stories that I expect to see from Phil if he is allowed to continue his nonsense:
"Shopper buys $5 worth of goods. Pays with a $10 bill. Only gets $5 back!"
"Coffee shop customer burned. Coffee shop never told him not to pour coffee directly into eye."
"Customer smashes product with sledgehammer. Returns all pieces to store. Store refuses refund."

If Consumerist won't remove Phil's nonsense, then the only alternative is to take matters into my own hands. So, I've created this RSS feed "Consumerist Minus Phil" ( which will remove any articles authored by "Phil Villarreal".
Feel free to use it if you'd like.

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