Maple Syrup vs Pine Syrup?

I guess this is another one of those strange persistent mental connections… for some reason when I think of "maple syrup" I picture pine trees. When I think of trees being tapped, and sap being drained and collected to make maple syrup – I picture pine trees. Why? I don't know.

Here's the questions though: does anyone make Pine Syrup? I've never seen it. I've never heard of it. Is there a technical issue that makes it impractical to make syrup from pine sap? Does it taste horrible?

Edit (9/20/09):
I've found these available on amazon. They aren't made from the tree sap like maple syrup is, but I guess they're still considered "pine syrup". One is a "pine cone syrup" and the other a "pine code bud syrup". They both appear to be the exact same product though (same size, same manufacturer), just sold by two different shops. I couldn't find any "pine needle syrup".

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