McCain Is A Douchebag

What is with McCain and his McCronies and this "Obama is a celebrity!" campaign? I don't like McCain or Obama, but one thing that Obama has going for him is that he doesn't come off as a grumpy old man that stares out his window waiting to yell at kids that step on his lawn.

John McCain is a Douchebag

John McCain is a Douchebag

Obama is a celebrity!? He's running for the office of PRESIDENT of the United States of America, he'd damn well better be a "celebrity" by now. At least he's not making arrogant (and incorrect) claims like McCain is about being the "original Maverick". No, Obama's celebrityism (it's a word – promise) comes from him being likable and appealing to the public. Is the McCrony stance on this that Obama wouldn't make a good president because the world likes him more than McCain? Does Alzheimer's affect reasoning too?

Anyway – Ron Paul for President! Wooooh!

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Political Support

Last weekend I saw someone driving around with a "Kerry – Edwards" window cling in the rear window of their car. Remember John Kerry? He ran for president 4 years ago.

I voted for Kerry.. I don't remember particularly liking him, but I supported him mainly because he wasn't Bush, and he was the most likely not-bush to win. Could you imagine running for office and having your greatest strength be that you aren't someone else? Could you imagine losing to that someone else?

Kerry didn't have a particularly revolutionary platform – nothing that would warrant advertising his campaign 4 years after the fact. If it had been a bumper sticker I guess I could understand – some of those are impossible to get off. But a window cling? I mean, some of those fall off if you just look at them funny.

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Good Riddance!

Earlier John Edwards announced that he was no longer running for the 2008 presidency. The title of this post has nothing to do with him. I think he's a great person, and he's working hard to make a difference.. but I really couldn't see him as the next president.

Much more exciting than Edward's announcement was the news that scrolled along the ticker at the bottom of the T.V. – Giuliani is expected to admit his defeat and make his resignation speech later today! That little bit of text made me smile almost as much as pita bread combined with incredible garlic hummus.

Ron Paul 2008 😉

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