Remember ""?

No? Me neither. 😛
But spudart does, and submitted this question:

What’s the all-time record highest temperature for the low in Chicago?

He also submitted it to many "question asking-ish" websites, where no one could sufficiently parse what he was actually asking.

If the question doesn't make sense, maybe explaining how I answered it will shine some light one it:

  • Retrieve the historical data for Chicago's daily "Low Temperatures" (I only went back to Jan 1, 1975).
  • Sort them and take the HIGHEST value. The HIGHEST Low.
  • Done. That's it

If you're curious, here's the post with his question and answer: Chicago’s record “Highest Low” Temperature?

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Things I don't know about Zombies

I hate to admit it, but my preparedness for a Zombie attack is not very complete yet. In fact there are several things I just don't have any clue about.

Some of them are:
Can a Zombie drown?
Is it possible for a shark to become infected by a Zombie?
Do Zombies need to sleep?
How long can a Zombie live without feeding?
Is tear gas an effective deterrent? Bear spray?
What would happen if Superman was infected by a Zombie? (This might be a FAWM song!)

(Yes, I'm treating "Zombie" as a proper noun and capitalizing it as such.)

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Ask sparxMind – roundup – 07/16/08

Ask sparxMind is still pretty new, and all the questions received have been from people that I know (except for one).

I guess the big question is "Why should I ask you a question?", and the answer: to get an answer. 🙂 Seriously though, some people seem to be entertained by the drivel that I write, so this is a way for you, and them, to direct that to something more in tune with your interests. Also, once I get 30 questions (from different people), or August 1st hits – whichever comes later – I plan to offer a $10 amazon gift certificate to one lucky question submitter every month. This amount may go up, or be offered in a form other than an amazon cert, but for now that's where it's at.

Here is the first round of questions that were submitted: