1,444 Miles

Overall.. I'm going to say it was a good trip. From Wisconsin to Missouri.. well, it's quite a drive.

The wedding reception thingy was fine, I was imagining something with at least a few moments of incredible awkwardness, but nothing really happened. I had a blueberry pie made especially for me, so my overall impression of the event is very good. I also got to witness an adult taste what could have been either salt, sand, or sugar from the centerpiece – which she decided was actually little grains of plastic.

I ate at Sonic for the first time, as did Fumbles. That was good. We went to a couple zoos – pictures should be up on flickr by the end of the week, and maybe some videos on youtube. I saw St. Louis flooded again, and rode to the top of the Arch for the second time in the last 10 years.

On the way back home I raced for several miles down I-90 with some asian kid in a Mazda RX8. That was some good clean fun – I haven't felt the urge to weave through traffic like that for a long time.. nor have I seen the speedometer in this car get so close to 110.

I feel like I'm failing a Turing test.

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