Sparx & Rainbow Cupcake Go To Whitecastle

The weather around here has been.. well.. lame. Almost unending thunderstorms for the last couple of days, tornado warnings (complete with annoying sirens), tornado touchdowns all around, hail – it's been brilliant.

Saturday was looking like a decent day to start moving. It was kind of humid, a bit cloudy, and a bit gloomy looking, but (since I hadn't checked the weather) I had no idea what was coming. I loaded my car up and took the quick drive to my new apartment. After eating and doing nothing for awhile, it started to rain. And rain. I started to wish that I had unloaded my car as soon as I got there.

Did I mention that it was raining? Pouring. Torrential. For a few minutes I even got to stand and watch nervously (from a 3rd floor balcony) as my car was pelted with hail. There was some big stuff coming down, but luckily it all avoided my car.

Once the weather let up, I quickly moved my stuff in, and at that point we decided to watch Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle. The movie finished up, one thing led to another, and before we knew it Kyle and myself were embarking on a one hour drive through this stupid rain to get to the nearest Whitecastle.

Our Whitecastle journey was pretty uneventful, but afterwards (even now) I have to question why we actually did it.

And everywhere I look, the world is flooded.

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I'm So Tired

I didn't sleep worth (insert the most offensive word you can think of) last night. There was less than a 2 hour span between the time that my eyes last looked at my clock and when I woke up to one of the most impressive rains I've ever seen.

I tried to fall back to sleep, but curiosity and some bizarre interest in watching rain prevented me from doing so. When the rain was at its strongest, I don't think I could even see 5 feet out my window. It was beautiful, loud, and not sleep.

I had a dream last night that I had a beautiful girlfriend and was completely happy. And then I woke up to a shocking reality – I really do have a beautiful girlfriend, and I really am happy. And I want a fedora.

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