Bamboo Sheets

After reading an article about bamboo sheets last week, I decided to equip my own bed with a set. They were almost an impulse buy, since I was in Chicago for the weekend, and there are many places much more convenient to have to transport sheets from. I couldn't resist though, so I'm going to call it an informed-and-planned-impulse buy.

I stayed up late Sunday night because I forgot to wash the sheets when I got home, and it seemed silly to have a brand new set of sheets in hand and then sleep on the boring old cotton ones that I'm used to. I've been sleeping pretty badly for the last few weeks, and I can't claim that the sheets have performed any miracles and fixed that.. but.. my insomnia is comfy now. They really do feel good.

Oh, and they're more environmentally friendly than cotton, softer than cotton, and naturally antimicrobial (take that microbes!)

Bamboo sheets are sparx Recommended.

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