Road Trip (Santa Fe, NM)

In about 2 hours I leave on a road trip to Santa Fe, NM.
It's about 1,300 miles. WOOOHA.

Looking at the map just now I was thrown off, because the directions had us going through Las Vegas. Apparently there is a Las Vegas in New Mexico – about an hour east of Santa Fe.

I'm going to try (to remember) to use InstaMapper's android app to track my location during the trip. I've set it up to submit my GPS coordinates every 30 minutes.

And less than 8 weeks from now I head to the REAL Las Vegas. I'm going to be flying for that trip though. It's been almost 10 years since my last (and first) time flying – I'm glad that the idea of flying doesn't terrify me completely (just a little).

This post is a bit rambling I guess.

tl;dr – 1,300 mile road trip to Santa Fe starts in about 2 hours. Vegas in October. Wooh.

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1,444 Miles

Overall.. I'm going to say it was a good trip. From Wisconsin to Missouri.. well, it's quite a drive.

The wedding reception thingy was fine, I was imagining something with at least a few moments of incredible awkwardness, but nothing really happened. I had a blueberry pie made especially for me, so my overall impression of the event is very good. I also got to witness an adult taste what could have been either salt, sand, or sugar from the centerpiece – which she decided was actually little grains of plastic.

I ate at Sonic for the first time, as did Fumbles. That was good. We went to a couple zoos – pictures should be up on flickr by the end of the week, and maybe some videos on youtube. I saw St. Louis flooded again, and rode to the top of the Arch for the second time in the last 10 years.

On the way back home I raced for several miles down I-90 with some asian kid in a Mazda RX8. That was some good clean fun – I haven't felt the urge to weave through traffic like that for a long time.. nor have I seen the speedometer in this car get so close to 110.

I feel like I'm failing a Turing test.

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