Shoe Music

If you work in a place that has tile flooring, or some other non-carpet flooring, you've probably learned to tune out the noise of everyone walking around. Maybe. I can't.

High heels, boots, or flip-flops; tip-toers, striders, or stompers – there are tons of different shoe sounds made every day. I think it would be neat if someone sampled a bunch of people walking and turned it into a complete song. Melodies, percussion, maybe even lyrics (not easily) all created from the sounds of people's shoes hitting the ground.

I bet there's an entire album of shoe music somewhere… there almost has to be!

And before anyone suggests that I take this on and make a FAWM song in this style… the idea is neat, but actually doing it seems incredibly tedious. I'd like someone else to do it.

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I'm not sure why.. but I really want a pair. And if I'm going to pay $140 for shoes, they might as well be the green ones.

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