Last night we got what appears to be 1/2"-1" of snow. (It's hard to tell with the drifting. I can still see grass in my back yard.)

One of the neighbors decided that 11:30pm was a good time to bust out the snow blower and clear the massive accumulation before glaciers could form and bring forth the dawn of a new ice age. That's how I assume he justified the noble deed of waking up the neighbors (me).

Luckily, around 6:30am, another neighbor decided to bookend my sleep cycle with snow blowers.

Me? I'm gonna let that shit melt on its own.

(Note: Last year I posted ONCE, almost exactly one year ago. This year I might shoot for two posts. YEP!)

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Flavored Water

I need one of these machines!
flavored water: snow or bacon?
mmmm… snow 😛

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So, while the entire world seems to have the day off because of the recent blizzard… I am at work.
Having to start the day off with a shovel and wet shoes has stifled my ability to think, so this is as close to a post as I'm going to get today.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better.
Perhaps tomorrow I will have the beginning of a FAWM song.

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It Snowed… AGAIN?!

So… we go from 70-80 degree weather… to me waking up with snow still on my windshield.

I'm completely not supportive of the direction the weather has decided to go.

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Hey Look! It Snowed!

People that actually know me know how much I love snow. 0.

I love snow 0.

If I was going to go sledding, or build a snowman, or fort, or something cool… I would temporarily love the heck out of snow.

So yesterday it started snowing BIG huge snowflakes. And somehow I managed to inhale a few of them up my nose.

The worst part about snow is the driving. I don't mind driving in snow that much, but EVERY year people forget how to do it. I drove past 3 cars that were off in the ditch, probably 10-15 police cars, 1 fire engine, and 2 rescue squad vehicles. There was less than an inch of snow on the ground. Yeah, it was slick, but.. wow. After a week of having snow on the ground, these people will be back to speeding along right behind me, but somehow the first time they see snow, they instantly become suicidal lemmings and try to follow each other of a cliff.

I end my little rant with a picture of my car with snow on it.
My car... with snow

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Coffee and Chocolate

It should have been a snow-day. I should still be in my nice warm bed.. enjoying.. yeah.

It's still blizzarding outside, and it's not supposed to let up for quite some time. Driving is ridiculous, and the city, once again, doesn't seem to have any idea what to do when it snows. I've never lived in a place where the solution was to plow the snow into the center of the road, or build an enormous pile that blocks almost an entire road and then leave it there for several days before loading it into dump trucks and getting it out of the way.

A "snow emergency" was declared today. What, exactly, does that mean? Basically, if you need to go downtown for something, you'd better park on the sidewalk or someone's yard, because if you're on the street you'll probably get towed – or – have a snowplow mercilessly redecorate the exterior of your car.

So I sit here. At work. Drinking coffee and eating 85% and 99% cocoa dark chocolate.

In my head, the roads play music.

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After the last few posts by spudart, which would lead one to believe that he's become obsessed with snow, and his attempt to out the snow as aliens – the only rational conclusion I can draw is that… spudart is an alien.

I'm not sure how to deal with this.. leave your suggestions in the comments.

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