Projects for the New Year

Resolutions this year? None.
Major projects planned? None.
Small projects planned? Too many.

Here are a couple of the smaller projects I've come up with in the last few days. I'm posting them here mainly as a reminder. One is useful, the other is not.

*Useful project: Tea comparison thing
Over the last year I've gone from 1-2 bottles of soda (usually Mt Dew) per day, to maybe 1-2 cans per week. I keep an awesome steel water bottle with me almost at all times. I'm trying to get back in the habit of having a mug or two of tea a day and am looking to buy full leaf loose tea.

Amazon has a pretty decent selection of loose teas, but picking out good ones is difficult. The prices are inconsistent, and the weights aren't always displayed without clicking through to a specific product.
My goal is to write a script to calculate (and display) the price per ounce, and also rank them based on a combination of the bestsellers and user ratings.

Such a system could also be generalized relatively easily to apply to other food items Amazon sells, and possibly even books… if anyone was shopping for books based on the best price per oz. 😛

*Not so useful project: Play around with name data from the Social Security Administration (
On the SSA's website, they make available a data source with baby names registered from the year 1880. It includes all names used at least 5 times in each year. I grabbed it and started playing around with it yesterday.

I'm interested in creating a list of the most common names used for both males and females in a year, the end result possibly being something like a "top 10 names per decade". Slightly more time-consuming would be creating a timeline of "new" and "expired" names. "New" names being names that have never been used before that suddenly show up, and "expired" names being names that haven't been used in a few years.

I've got to get to work… so as Joe would say: Time.

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