Sirens in Songs

Whenever I'm driving and there's a song on the radio that has a police siren-like noise, there's a brief instant of panic. It's totally a Pavlovian response type situation, one in which I (luckily) don't end up drooling.

So, I was thinking… and here's an idea that anyone writing the next hit "radio" song can steal. It's 3 steps:
1) Create a hit song and sprinkle some choice words throughout the song that you know will never be able to be played on to the radio
2) Create a "radio edit" version that has some background sirens added.
3) Imagine people having a similar response as me and laugh about it.

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February Album Writing Month – the February Album Writing Month, is a challenge for song writers to write 14 songs during the month of February.

My bud Cacti introduced me to this (and has participated in it) for several years now, and I think I might try my hand at it, although not quite the 14 song goal. I think my target will be 1-2 songs, and if I have a surge of inspirado, I'll try to hit the full 14.

With (Cactus) Joe's help, at one point I felt like I had the creative chops to take on song writing, but my comfort zone ended up pulling me back down to feeling like a source of inspiration rather than a recipient of the inspirado. We'll see if February can pull me out of that comfort zone a little.

My normal "creative" outlet has been programming. When I get bored I churn out a few lines of Python code, and if I finish a project I then marvel in whatever it does. To anyone looking, it's just a bunch of code that maybe does some screwy processing with some random data source, spits out a bunch of numbers, whatever – but to me it's almost like writing a song, or creating a painting (painting a painting sounded weird).

So… if you have any great ideas for a song – do tell!

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