2,000th Comment Posted

Cactus Joe just posted sparxMind's 2,000th comment! YAY comments!

And a link to the comment…. comment # 2,000!


Hey sparxMind! It Was Your Birthday!

Oh man!

sparxMind.com celebrated its 2 year birthday (from the date of the first post) on July 21st, and I totally forgot about it!

Instead, I posted about drinking too much water making you have to pee. A lot – almost proportional to the amount of water drank… I'm still trying to figure this odd connection out.

So anyway… Happy Birthday sparxMind! And don't drink too much water!

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Dream Critic

I've been having odd dreams lately… again.

Last night wasn't as odd as I've gotten used to, but there's one part of one of the dreams that sticks out in my mind and is directly related to this blog. In the dream, one of my friends pointed out that he enjoys reading sparxMind, but it lacks substance, cohesion, and that it's just me talking about whatever, whenever, and not always making complete sense.

Duh! Duh Dream-Friend! I don't claim to be a topical blog, I don't report about politics, or new electronics, or whatever. I rant about whatever happens to be on my mind at the time. And maybe that keeps me from getting a ton of subscribers, return visitors, commenters, etc. – but who cares? Some of the posts are useful, some are stupid, and some are just blatant grabs at short term traffic (like my previous xkcd related posts that increased traffic by almost 1000 visitors per day for weeks!).

I guess the Dream-Critic was just voicing concerns that had been lurking in the back of my mind, which is why I need to put them to rest publicly (in another rambling post nonetheless!) So… there.

Also, Spudart donated money for my plants! Yay Spudart!

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Did You Know: You Can Follow sparx On Twitter?!

That's right! If you can't get enough here on sparxmind.com, you can follow me on twitter.

Here's what you'll receive if you do:

  • Random thoughts and ideas that don't warrant (in my opinion) a blog post
  • Half conversations that I have with other twitterers
  • An easier way to comment on anything that I say, and carry on a conversation
  • and more!

It's incredibly easy to follow me on twitter, just head to http://twitter.com/sparxmind and click "Follow". If you're not already signed up for twitter, I recommend signing up and giving it a try.

I normally tweet 1-10/day (less often the last few days), so following me won't overwhelm you.. shouldn't overwhelm you.. may cause indigestion.

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