100 day years

In response to spudart's post Counting by tens instead of ones: What if we were on a planet where it took (or if Earth took) 100 of our normal days to make a full revolution around the Sun? When you had been around for 10 of our current years, you'd actually be over 36 years old.

People could live to be over 365 years old!

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Destroy spudart.org

This morning I found a nifty bookmarklet at http://erkie.github.com/ that allows you to turn any website into an old-school game of Asteroids.
You control the little ship using the arrow keys, space bar to fire, and shoot at the various elements of the page – which disappear as you hit them.

I recorded a screencast using spudart.org as an example. It's a bit difficult to make out the ship. But if you change the video resolution to 720, and view it in full screen, it's a little better.

(If you click here, you can try it out on my blog. *gasp*)

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Google Voice – Voicemail Transcription Test

As you may, or may not know, Google purchased the GrandCentral service awhile ago. GrandCentral gave members a free phone number that they could use to ring multiple phones at once, free voicemail, and a number of privacy settings. Google recently rebranded it as "Google Voice" and added a number of features, the most interesting being voicemail transcription – Google will translate your voicemails into text and send them to you via email (and send as a text message).

Since it wouldn't let me leave myself a voicemail, Spudart was kind enough to call and leave a test message. The transcription is pretty bad. I've posted the resulting voicemail and transcription as a video on youtube.

Later this week I'll post his second call – reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance three times. 🙂

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Modern Ice - Scraps

Spudart just added the tag "marsians" to one of my ice pictures on flickr. I seem to have a thing for misspellings (I tend to spell that word wrong) and am usually curious as to how they're used and how often.

Right now a search on flickr for "marsians" bring up some neat pictures.

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After the last few posts by spudart, which would lead one to believe that he's become obsessed with snow, and his attempt to out the snow as aliens – the only rational conclusion I can draw is that… spudart is an alien.

I'm not sure how to deal with this.. leave your suggestions in the comments.

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