Tagless T-Shirts

I don't like tags.

A tag inside of the collar of a shirt is awkward at best, and in many cases downright uncomfortable. Luckily, many years ago, many t-shirts started being designed WITHOUT tags! YES! SCORE! Print the size and brand label inside the collar and be done with it.

For some reason though, the simple pleasure of "no tags" could not be sustained. It seems like now, whenever I find a "tagless" t-shirt it now seems to have a tag stitched in near the bottom of the left seam. If there's a place where a tag could be more uncomfortable than right against my neck, they were determined to find it.

Of particular annoyance are t-shirts from The Gap. These follow the trend of "move the tag from the collar to the side of the stomach", but something funny seems to happen to the printed collar label after they reach about one year of age: the lettering starts to wear. I have one shirt where this worn lettering has essentially turned each letter into a potential dagger of discomfort.

What I would like to see are truly tagless t-shirts again. Maybe this time even going as far as skipping the printing inside the collar. I know what brand I'm wearing, I know what size I'm wearing, that info really doesn't need to be anywhere other than on the packaging it's sold in.

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