Happy Thanksgiving – Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Yay!

I decided to get my celebrating on a bit early, and ended up taking the whole week off… except for working 4 hours on Monday. I give thanks for not having to work. 🙂

Once again, this year I've been asked to be in two places at exactly the same time… I think I'm thankful for that?

…. anywaaaaay…. my new hat and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.
my new hat!

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Turkey Day

Yesterday there was an incident that may have involved me taping a piece of bacon to Katie. It's also quite possible that Kelly took pictures of it. It would also be reasonable to assume that I had planned to post about it today. But I will not. I'll save it for next week.

Instead, I want to wish all of you a great Thanksgiving tomorrow, or just a REALLY AWESOME Thursday if you don't celebrate T-Day. I don't plan on being anywhere near a computer and if I am, I won't be in any state to post.. so, yes, tomorrow is a vacation day for me from both work and blogging.

I once read that there is actually more trytophan  (the stuff in turkey that's supposed to make you sleepy) in beef than in turkey, and that it's generally the holiday over-eating that makes people so lethargic. Is that true? I don't know. It really doesn't matter, since either way I'm going to be eating enough turkey to put a cow to sleep. If cows ate turkey.

Carnivorous cows.. now that would make for some scary farms.

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