Digital blockages

I am currently so backed up with unread email, RSS feeds, everything.
(spudart doesn't like posts that start with "I": tweet 1 / tweet 2)

I half ignore Twitter, and completely ignore Facebook – making me, of all people, almost an outsider in the online world. A world that I was a part of when it was still not-so-cool.

Do you remember dialing into BBSs? Telneting into MUDs? Did you do those things?

Facebook. Blech.

This isn't really a post. It's 2 minutes of me typing complainy-sounding nonsense.

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Hey Guys! I Seem To Be Getting Bored With Twitter!

Fix it!
Come on!
Do it!

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Did You Know: You Can Follow sparx On Twitter?!

That's right! If you can't get enough here on, you can follow me on twitter.

Here's what you'll receive if you do:

  • Random thoughts and ideas that don't warrant (in my opinion) a blog post
  • Half conversations that I have with other twitterers
  • An easier way to comment on anything that I say, and carry on a conversation
  • and more!

It's incredibly easy to follow me on twitter, just head to and click "Follow". If you're not already signed up for twitter, I recommend signing up and giving it a try.

I normally tweet 1-10/day (less often the last few days), so following me won't overwhelm you.. shouldn't overwhelm you.. may cause indigestion.

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