UPS Sent My Package BACK IN TIME!

Yesterday I ordered the Touchstone charger (for my Pre) from Amazon (it's $20 cheaper than buying it from Sprint.) The UPS tracking info has me worried though.

UPS Time-Travel?!

The shipped date is correct (10/12/09), but the status is showing "Delivered", the delivery location is a porch in Mission, Kansas, and the delivery date is 07/08/08. That's right – somehow this package was delivered a YEAR before I even ordered it!

Anyone think I'll actually end up seeing this package? Ever?

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UPS Doesn't Have X-Ray Vision

I ordered some stuff that was shipped via UPS. A normal occurrence in this day and age.
The scheduled delivery date was Monday, Feb 10 – but when I checked the tracking status on Friday the 6th, I saw that it was out for delivery already. "Neat!" I thought. Until I checked later in the afternoon and saw that the status had changed to "THE RECEIVER WAS UNAVAILABLE TO SIGN ON THE 1ST DELIVERY ATTEMPT. A 2ND DELIVERY ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE". Boo to that! So when I got home I took the little UPS sticky note off the door, signed the back stating that it should be left without needing a signature, and I assume all liability, etc. and put it back on the door Monday morning.

Done. Right?

Nope. I check the status later Monday evening and see "THE RECEIVER WAS NOT AVAILABLE TO SIGN ON THE 2ND DELIVERY ATTEMPT. A 3RD DELIVERY ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE"! WHAT?! I was upset with UPS, why would they ignore the slip?! When I got home, I realized why – some schmuck in my apartment took the slip off the front door and stuck it on my mailbox. Doh! But I had a plan.

Tuesday came along, and this time my signed slip was on the door along with a post-it note that said:

Please leave this on the front door for UPS.
Do NOT put it inside on my mailbox… again.
UPS doesn't have X-Ray vision and can't see this if it's inside.
Thanks 🙂

Since I'm actually writing this post Tuesday morning.. I'm not sure how things turned out yet. Did I get the package?! Did the slip end up inside again, causing my package to be stored at the closest UPS facility, requiring me to drive an hour round-trip to pick it up? The suspense is killing me!

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