Coke Rewards Points Contest Winner

My comment-based contest for 50 Coke Rewards Points has come to an end.

The comments took a (painfully) obvious turn towards "coke" the drug (cocaine) rather than "Coke" the beverage. Those comments were secretly disqualified – if you're going to make a drug joke, at least make it funny.

The 50 Coke points have been emailed to the winner (Eva). May she use them well!


Winner Of The $5 Amazon Gift Card

I thought the original post said that I would announce the winner of the $5 Gift Card on the 15th of this month, but I actually said the 10th! So, I'm late. A bit.

The entrants were all entered into a spreadsheet, and then the random number generator at was used to pick the winning row number. There were only 5 entrants, so the final odds of winning were 20%.

Getting down to it – The winner is….. Erik (unlikelymoose) of!

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