Boxing is a Weird Sport

There are very few times when a person can get repeatedly pummeled in the head, and then be declared a winner. Boxing is one of them.

Can you imagine getting the snot punched out of you (literally), and then – just because you were the better beater-upper – being expected to celebrate your victory? On the upside, you wouldn't have to drink as much to get to that magical "my brain is only functioning at 50%" state of being.

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Why Won't My Parakeet Eat

Google Suggest – you're a great tool, offering us a glimpse of popular and trending searches by attempting to complete what we're searching for.

Most of the time.

But right now, if you start typing in "why won't" in the google search box, the number one suggestion is…. "why won't my parakeet eat my diarrhea".


"Why Won't My Parakeet Eat My Diarrhea?" WTF?!

World, you disappoint me.

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UPS Sent My Package BACK IN TIME!

Yesterday I ordered the Touchstone charger (for my Pre) from Amazon (it's $20 cheaper than buying it from Sprint.) The UPS tracking info has me worried though.

UPS Time-Travel?!

The shipped date is correct (10/12/09), but the status is showing "Delivered", the delivery location is a porch in Mission, Kansas, and the delivery date is 07/08/08. That's right – somehow this package was delivered a YEAR before I even ordered it!

Anyone think I'll actually end up seeing this package? Ever?

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Really Messed Up Dreams

The past 3 nights I've been having really bizarre and realistic dreams. The kind that cause me to wake up, and there are still "after images" remaining once I wake up. Actual visual hallucinations. So far it's been interesting, waking up, turning on my light, and seeing a room that isn't my room – not just not recognizing where I am, but seeing it as a completely different place. The waking up seems to be associated with a fear of something, although up until last night it never seemed to be connected with anything.

Last night though, I woke up knowing that something had just exploded. I turned on my light and "saw" a huge hole in the side of my room, looking outside.

I actually got up and walked towards the wall a few steps, but reality kicked in when I walked into my dresser – that wasn't there a second ago.

I can't figure out if this is really neat.. or really bad. I guess I'll have to wait and see what tonight brings.

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My Underwear

My underwear is made in Bangladesh.

This post should just end there. 😛 But..

Can you imagine a shipping container, on an epic oceanic voyage, full of boxer shorts? Or better yet, socks. I'm sure they're all boxed up nicely on their trip over to be packaged and sold at a ridiculous markup.. but what if they weren't? Could you imagine being the person that opens up a shipping container only to have an avalanche of thousands of loose socks pour out at you? It'd be like a washing machine exploded.

Maybe that's where lost socks end up – in shipping containers.

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