Some good comics this week

There are a few web comics that were published this week that I thought were really great – I'm not going to steal the images, hotlink to them, or bother to create thumbnails. I'm just going to put links to them. Starting… now!

  1. Networking (xkcd) – This totally makes me want to become a business professional!
  2. Not Winter (left-handed toons) – This guy shares my superpower!
  3. Craps (left-handed toons) – This was me in Vegas. I spent a lot of time around the craps table trying to make sure I understood how to play. I never did get up the confidence to jump in and throw some dice though.


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xkcd – Natural Parenting

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People Are Too Civil On The Internet

So yesterday (and today too, ha!) I tried to make a grab at the google search traffic that I assumed the latest xkcd blag post would generate. Randall Munroe posted another list of google search phrases that (at the time of posting) resulted in 0 results.

Phrases like:

  • Aww, a baby hooker!
  • his penis shattered my world
  • driver-side bidet
  • Sarah, plain and tall and a cyborg

Yesterday's post "It Turned Out Her Bottom Half Was A Robot" was titled after one of those "zero result" phrases. And included one other phrase – "ate a violin". People searching for robot-butted girls where few, generating about 20 hits to my post. But "ate a violin" brought in almost 200 people.

I feel like I'm abusing my ability to have a post indexed in less than 10 minutes by google. My little horse must think it gay.

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