A Better MouseTrap [YouTube Video]

Check out the video of this mouse trap.
2 things that are cool about it:
1) It's a neat "no kill" design
2) It was created using a 3D printer


Chang Tan the Red Panda! [YouTube Video]

Friday was my birthday (Woooooh! I'm officially old now.) and to celebrate I did what any normal person would do…. I went to the Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI to see Chang Tan the Red Panda! I've posted about Chang Tan before… he's about as awesome as an animal can get.

I took this video of him climbing around in his home. Unfortunately it artifacts quite badly in a few spots.

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Cycles – Teddy Bears [YouTube Video]

Sometimes I have dreams very similar to this.

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David Hasselhoff – Confrontation (Jekyll & Hyde) [YouTube]

Ok, this is pretty ridiculous… who would ever come up with the idea of casting The Hoff as Jekyll (and Hyde)?

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Beatles 3000 [YouTube]

An anthropological documentary about The Beatles – from the year 3126.
I'm glad that the works of the four original Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McKenzie, Greg Hutchinson, and Scottie Pippen) will be remembered long after we're all gone.

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What Time Is It?


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Bill The Fishing Guy – Bloopers [YouTube]

I wouldn't consider fishing to be a very entertaining sport, but this "Bill the Fishing Guy" manages to spin that around.