I Got Gas

sparx: i totally got gas at $1.95 yesterday

spudart: whoa

sparx: that makes it sound like i bought cheap beans
i mean.. i bought gasoline at $1.95 yesterday
or expensive beans i guess. $1.95 is very expensive for a can of beans.. i think?
Sent at 9:37 AM on Thursday

spudart: i'm not a fan of cars or gas
i wouldn't mind gas costing $10/gallon
just so gov't gets off their butts and starts building more public transit
Sent at 9:38 AM on Thursday

sparx: i'm lazy. i think this conversation is today's post
Sent at 9:41 AM on Thursday

spudart: haha

sparx: quick, say something to the HUNDREDS of sparxmind.com readers!

spudart: How many days in your entire life have you spent outside your state in the United States of America?

sparx: you should make that one of your question posts and i'll link to it.. unless you already have?

spudart: i will be a pots

sparx: alright, i'll post this whole thing and update the link later

spudart: You can have a year to do whatever it is that you want to do. Don't worry about money. What'll it be?"
"Who am I" versus "What am I"
that question has ZERO responses
Do you know what you like
like what you know?


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