Culver's Fries

You know what's really good with Culver's french fries?

Culver's Bleu Cheese Dressing.


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Inspiration Strikes… With Sundae Toppings

I went to Culver's for lunch (AGAIN!) today. Good stuff, as always.

Today I had a strange craving for a sundae. With a combination of toppings I've never thought of before – peanut butter and Snickers.

I'm not sure where the idea came from, but the combination is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

I'm eating it now as I type. Nomnomnomnomnom!

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Temporarily Disgusting Root Beer

Most of the time when I go out to eat I end up ordering a Mountain Dew to drink. It's become almost a habit, even if I don't feel like a Mt Dew (which is rare) I'll still catch myself ordering it without thinking.

Things get a bit screwy when I go to Culver's to eat though. See, Culver's has REALLY good Root Beer, and sometimes it creates a craving that even overpowers my addiction to The Dew. But 90% of the time, that first sip of Root Beer is the most digusting taste EVER! Because I'm so used to Dew coming out of a straw, unless I'm thinking "this is root beer", that first sip always registers as "this Mountain Dew is GROSS!"

Of course, by the second sip I've reached "OMG THIS RT B33R IS TEH AW3S0/V\3!"-land.
(also, note the lack of consistency when referring to Mtn Dew.)

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