eBay RSS Feed Creator – Improved Version

I've modified the "eBay RSS feed generator" javascript that I created a couple of months ago. Nothing terribly big… but now you have to option to limit the search to only items with free shipping, and also set a minimum and maximum price range. Also, rather than just a link to the eBay RSS feed, the feed should open up in a preview frame beneath the search options, so you can look at the results and refine your searches without ever having to switch tabs or windows.

If you have any other parameters that you would like to see added, just ask in the comments and I'll try to add them quickly.

(Edit [10:13pm]: at the request of UnlikelyMoose, you can now choose to have results sorted by "Best Match" or "Auctions Ending Soon")

Enough talking. Here it is:

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Simple eBay RSS Feed Generator

There is a new version of the eBay RSS Feed Creator with more options, you can get to it by clicking here

eBay used to put a link right on the search results to an RSS feed for the current search. It was nice.
But now.. where is the darn thing?

Out of frustration, and boredom at work, I whipped up a quick javascript solution that builds a link to an RSS feed for any ebay search you can think of!

You can give it a try if you want –

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