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If you read my previous post "Deceptive Labeling On My Doritos" you'll know that I'm currently boycotting all Frito-Lay products because of their use of trans fats and their claims and labeling that they don't use trans fats. I've taken this a step further than a boycott and it is now my mission, no, my quest, to see trans fats completely removed from Doritos and other Frito-Lay products.

The following email was just sent to Frito-Lay:

Use of Trans Fats in Frito-Lay Products
I'm writing today in hopes of learning Frito-Lay's official stance on
the use of "trans fats" in its products.

Using Doritos as an example – a given bag of Doritos will contain on
its packaging a label claiming "0 Grams Trans Fats." That same bag
will list "partially hydrogenated soybean oil," a TRANS Fat, in its
ingredients list. I understand that FDA labeling regulations allow any
trans fat content under half a gram per serving to be listed as "0
grams," but I'm sure you'll agree that such labeling is deceptive and
misleading to the consumer. Is this the path that Frito-Lay has
willfully chosen to take? A path that has already cost the company one
customer, one that is determined to cause others to follow suit.

To make matters worse, this deception extends well beyond nutritional
and product labeling. The "Good Questions" section on the
website states that "Since 2003, Frito Lay discontinued the use of
hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils in making our snack
chips, thus eliminating trans fats." No mention is made of the trace,
yet still unhealthy, amounts still present due to skirting of labeling
requirements. In a press release dated September 24, 2002 (also on then current President and CEO Al Bru stated "Early next
year, Frito-Lay is eliminating trans fat oils from our big brands
including Doritos, Tostitos and Cheetos. And the great news is that
there is no compromise in taste."

I would strongly suggest that this issue is brought to the attention
of those in a position to actually remove trans fats from your
products completely. Until the words "partially hydrogenated" are no
longer on the ingredients list, all official references by Frito-Lay
about the removal of trans fats are, in effect, false. Since these
statements could be seen as part of the marketing and advertising for
the products, one could even go as far as to say that these claims are
false advertising. I would also suggest that this change be made
quickly and voluntarily before Frito-Lay's reputation is further

A response would be appreciated. More importantly though, I would like
to see trans fats disappear completely from your products, since I
will make it a point to purchase only from your competitors, and will
encourage others to do the same, until then.

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