IDEA: Cook-Off

Organize a local, weekly or bi-weekly, cook-off.

  • All contestants must supply their own ingredients
  • Dishes will be judged by yourself, past winners, and maybe some hungry friends
  • The winner's recipe will be published on the web along with a short cheesy bio
  • The winner chooses the next competition's theme
  • At the end of the year, all the recipes will be compiled into a cookbook along with photos and stuff from the competition

Free food and profits from a recipe book that other people wrote for you. Plus the whole community building thing which is always good – as long as some good comes out of it, it's not an evil plan.


IDEA: The Game Of Life

Assign point values to random and trivial things that you do throughout the day. Try to get others to compete, knowing that they'll probably turn you down – this is ok. They're still in the game even if they refuse, they just lose at the end of the day because they have no points. If this is the case, make sure to inform them at the end of the day that they've lost.

I have 380 points so far.

Waking up: 50

Getting dressed: 10

Remembering that I don't work today before getting ready: 20

Standing in my garage and waving goodbye when it's 17 degrees outside: 300

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