Oura Ring pre-order 40% off discount code

Edit: both of the 40% discount codes have been used
I have another code that will give $100 off (about 33%), it's valid through Dec 31, 2017:

About a month ago I got an Oura Ring (ouraring.com), but ended up deciding to get a Fitbit instead and sell the ring.
1) The ring is too dang big for me. (not the sizing, it fits, the top of the ring is a giant lump to hold the battery and circuitry)
2) I thought it provided real-time heart rate monitoring, which it doesn't (it only monitors HR during sleep). The Fitbit was able to fill this role.

So, Oura has announced a new ring. It's smaller (no big lumps), and has a better battery life. It still doesn't do continuous heart rate monitoring, but it looks like it might be able to measure on demand.

The new ring is currently a pre-order with an estimated shipping date of April 2018.

If you're interested in pre-ordering one I have 2 coupon codes that give a 40% discount.
The codes expire Dec 8, 2017, and I think they're single use only, so if one doesn't work try the other. If neither work post a comment and I'll see if I can get any more.

The Oura Ring pre-order discount codes:
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