Slush Service

Yesterday someone submitted this comment on my Subway post:
"Subway is very clean and their sandwiches are always good. Their cherry slushes are very good and very friendly when they wait on you."

I want to find this magical Subway where the employees have been replaced with cherry slush – FRIENDLY cherry slush!

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Why does Subway want to burn me with coffee?

Today, and last week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) I went to Subway (store #3361 in Whitewater, WI) for breakfast. I've mentioned before that I love their breakfast flatbreads. It seems as if Subway wants me to burn myself and spill coffee all over though.

Here's the problem: they're giving out lids that don't fit the cups. They must have run out of the nice black lids that fit, and switched to a cheaper lid that's just a little too big for the cup. Unfortunately, when trying to put on a lid that's just a little too big it feels like it SHOULD be able to go on… until you force it, causing the cup to squeeze and spill coffee – right on your hand.

That first time I just decided to shrug it off, even though the mis-fitting lid allowed the coffee to slosh up out of the cup while pulling into the parking lot at work, spilling coffee in my car. Today I avoided a similar mess by only filling the cup about 3/4 full.

Like I said, the first time I just shrugged it off, but now they've had at least a week to figure this out. The lids don't fit. It's easy. They either don't care about their customers, or they can't figure out that a lid that doesn't fit… doesn't fit. Whether this is an act of incompetence, or a willful disregard for their customers, I will no longer be visiting this, or any other Subway, unless it's somehow made quite obvious that things like this are taken seriously.

Here are a few pictures of the lid –
This first one show how much the lid deforms when attempting to place it on the cup:

This one show the rims of the lid and cup lined up with each other (or rather, not lining up):

This last one is the lid, with a sheet of paper used to measure the cup. The edge of the paper to the blue line is a measure of the inside of the rim, which is quite a bit smaller than the inside rim on the lid:

Comments (14) – Take Subway's survey and get a free cookie!

Did you know that answering "yes" when the Subway cashier asks if you want your receipt can earn you a free cookie?

Far too many times I've answered "no", not knowing that I could use the receipt to take a quick 1 minute survey and earn a free cookie.

Learn from my mistake! (or LFMF :-P)

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Subway $3 Breakfast Combo

I looove Subway's breakfast sandwiches. My normal order is a 6" flatbread, sausage, egg and cheese with onions, green peppers, and chipotle sauce. It's incredible.

The sandwich itself is $3.50, and their coffee is something like $1.20. I can't justify paying $5 for a breakfast so I go coffee-less on mornings I stop at Subway – but right now they're running a special combo that includes the coffee and the sandwich for only $3. That's cheaper than buying the sandwich alone! The combo includes every 6" breakfast sandwich except the sausage one, so I have to switch things up and order bacon instead.

The last time I was there, there was a guy that ordered the same sandwich as me, but when asked if he wanted the combo he said "no thanks." I almost stopped filling my coffee to explain things to him, but didn't. I paid $3.17 he paid $3.69.

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What is "Western"?

Subway's napkins are currently emphasizing the "healthiness" of their breakfasts as compared to McDonald's Egg McMuffin and BK's Egg & Cheese Croissan'wich.

The breakfasts listed on the napkin are the:
Egg & Cheese
Steak & Cheese
Western & Cheese
Black Forest Ham & Cheese

3 of the 4 are a "meat/protein and cheese"… the term "Western" is incredibly vague. Is it a vegetarian offering? Is it spicy? Without looking it up, I have no idea.

Is there a standard "western"? Am I supposed to know and remember it?

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Turkey Ham?

I'm not really a big fan of ham. It's ok.. but I've never been like "Hey.. I want some HAM!"

I do know that ham comes from a pig though. Ham is pig meat… which really confused me when I saw that Subway's cold cut trio listed under the ingredients (bologna, salami, and ham) that all the meats are turkey based. Turkey bologna, I can deal with that. Turkey salami… getting a bit sketchy now. But turkey ham? NONONO!

Wikipedia says: "Ham is the thigh and rump of pork, cut from the haunch of a pig or boar."

… last I checked, "turkey" was not part of a pig's thigh.

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