– Win a free iPad 2 from Taco Bell?

The last time I visited Taco Bell I was given a flyer to take their survey and win an iPad 2.

There are 2 things that jumped out at me:

  1. is a great domain name. It's short (relatively) and to the point, it rhymes(!), and it's super easy to remember. They could have gone with "telltacobell" which still has all the characteristics I just listed, but "tellthebell" has a better rhythm to it – it's obvious that someone on Taco Bell's advertising team can actually think outside the box (or bun, in this case). (much better than walgreen's
  2. an iPad 2? Didn't Apple just release the New iPad? The prize, while still cool, seems a bit dated. Is the second place prize a 1990 Honda Accord?

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Comments (5) – Take Subway's survey and get a free cookie!

Did you know that answering "yes" when the Subway cashier asks if you want your receipt can earn you a free cookie?

Far too many times I've answered "no", not knowing that I could use the receipt to take a quick 1 minute survey and earn a free cookie.

Learn from my mistake! (or LFMF :-P)

Comments (24) – $3000 Walgreens Feedback Survey

If you shop at Walgreens you may have noticed that the receipts are offering $3,000 prizes for completing their survey.

But why would they register a silly domain like ""? I've never heard Walgreens referred to as "wag". Is this a thing that I just haven't noticed?

Why not "" which is much more memorable (and also still available for registration at the time of this posting), or even just adding a subdomain to their current site, like ""?

But ""? psh!

(This post was inspired by Spudart's "Praising Walgreens employees" post.)

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