www.Tellwag.com? – $3000 Walgreens Feedback Survey

If you shop at Walgreens you may have noticed that the receipts are offering $3,000 prizes for completing their survey.

But why would they register a silly domain like "tellwag.com"? I've never heard Walgreens referred to as "wag". Is this a thing that I just haven't noticed?

Why not "tellwalgreens.com" which is much more memorable (and also still available for registration at the time of this posting), or even just adding a subdomain to their current site, like "tell.walgreens.com"?

But "www.tellwag.com"? psh!

(This post was inspired by Spudart's "Praising Walgreens employees" post.)

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  1. Shirley Anderl said,

    Friendly staff, and a lot of good things.

    September 6, 2011 @ 12:57 pm

  2. Joseph L. Constante said,

    I think that tellwag.com is better because shorter and ti the point.

    November 1, 2011 @ 2:27 pm

  3. Carol Emmons Pinto said,

    I would love so much for this company to be more of a family to your regular long time customers. I just had to come home and take meds to calm me down for having to deal with an anal retentive manager that literally made me ill. I am on disability and also working with workers comp. which we all know is stressful enough. However, your staff in the pharmacy have gone above and beyond to help me get my meds on time. It has to pass through an adjuster that never goes smoothly and is a challenge each month . What ever the case my be. The pharmacist came into work one day just to be sure i was taken care of, his day off !!. My appreciation was overwhelming and greatly appreciated. This evening as usual, my son (age 29) takes me for the ride for my meds and cigarettes,as he is acting as my caregiver at this time so i don't have to get out of the car. He returns to the car with nothing. My last name has been changed back to my childrens name and is in the computer with both names just incase of a mixup. The stores know this by now.I have discussed this with the pharmacist and others so they will always check to see if they used my other name that has been dropped. I went to enjoy the ride and was not dressed to my satisfaction for leaving the car. I very uncomfortably got out of the car and in i went to retrieve my cigarettes and prescription. I was told @ the age of 55 mind you that, i would not be sold cigarettes in your store because my 29 year old son didn't have his wallet or ID on him. We are in your store spending money regularly, in which my son buys my cigarettes there everyday and in this case the other cashier has served him before with his I.D. This was totally uncalled for regardless of your rules and the LAW. Here i stand arguing with a 21? year old little snob. Looked more like she was showing her title rather that pleasing your customers. My son has been in that store with his ID many many times and we both use this pharmacy regularly. I proceed back to the pharmacist to collect my prescription in which my son was told there was nothing there for me with a long blank rude stare!! and asked for my script as usual and asked her to check the computer to see that it may be under the other name and with a puss on her face she pulls it out on the counter.I then ask for a credit with a receipt and showed i was over charged when i sent my son to pick up my other script a few days before. During this transaction i asked if she would pull up my sons name as he uses the same pharmacy so I can purchase (my) cigarettes and they can see that he is always there for himself also which would show his age.. Instead i stand there being taught a lesson about the law being the law. I am being told that i am not aloud to purchase my cigarettes by these horses asses at the age of 55 and need to travel somewhere else if i want to purchase cigarettes. You have no idea how belittled your employees made me feel. I am so discussed to think your store makes hundreds and hundreds of dollars on me each month and at the age of 56 in 2 days i get treated with such disrespect by these un personable employees of your. This should have never happened!!!!!

    November 14, 2011 @ 9:31 pm

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