Breakfast Burrito Recipe

I usually don't leave myself much time to eat breakfast in the morning, which means I either a) don't b) snack on granola bars and stuff until lunch c) run through the McDonalds drivethru (no more than once a week) or d) eat oatmeal or something i've made a ton of and frozen (pancakes).

A and C are not the healthiest options, B leaves me pretty hungry by the time lunch rolls around, and D usually ends up being oatmeal (boooring). So, trying to spice up option D a bit more, and keep it healthy, I decided that I was going to try my hand at making a large batch of breakfast burritos and then freeze them. I looked up a few recipes on the internet, and mixed and matched them a bit in my head to get the following recipe. A few notes on possible changes after the recipe:


  • 1 lb ground sausage
  • 12 eggs
  • 8 oz salsa (I used Newman's Black Bean and Corn)
  • 15 oz hashbrowns (I just tossed in half a bag, the bag was 30 oz)
  • Cheese (I shredded some pepperjack)
  • Tortillas (Burrito size, not the little ones)


  1. Brown sausage, breaking up into smallish chunks (like making taco meat), drain grease. (I soaked up even more grease using a couple paper towels.) Put in bowl.
  2. Scramble eggs. Unless you have an enormous pan, and even if you do, I'd suggest splitting up the eggs rather than trying to scramble all 12 at once – I did 4 at a time. Mix in with sausage.
  3. Brown hashbrowns. Mix in with eggs and sausage.
  4. Mix in salsa.
  5. Microwave tortillas until they're softer and easier to work with, otherwise they're more likely to crack when rolling.
  6. Spoon mixture onto tortillas and add cheese.
  7. Fold in the top and bottom of tortilla and roll into burritos.

You'll have to use your own discretion and taste as to how much cheese and filling to put in each burrito. This ended up making 17-18 good sized burritos for me.

I put them all in freezer bags and froze them immediately. To serve – I wrap a burrito in paper towel, microwave it for about 40 seconds, flip it over, and microwave another 40 seconds,  and then let it sit a few minutes to cool off. The paper towel is important, without it the tortilla will get moist and soggy where it's in contact with the plate.

Things I would do different:

  • I used a maple & honey (or maple something) breakfast sausage. My apartment (even days later) reaks of maple, which is incredibly awesome – but it gives the burrito a bit too much sweetness. I think next time I'll grab one of the "mild" spicy sausages.
  • Hashbrowns are cheap. Next time I might throw in the entire bag just to stretch the recipe out more.
  • I spent way too much time shredding the block of pepperjack cheese. Next time I'll just cut it into slices.
  • The salsa got spread pretty thin. I only used half a can, I might go with a full can next time. I might also use a "picante" style salsa instead.
  • I'm thinking of adding a can of black beans, especially if going with a different kind of salsa. The Newman's salsa I used had black beans, and they're really good in it, but there are too few as it is.

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