Disaster relief

I ended up getting maybe 2 hours of sleep this morning, so if this post lacks the ridiculous tone of my previous posts, it's because I'm not just tired – I'm dead.

I ran out of silverware yesterday,  so I decided to run the dishwasher and then go off and do some computery stuff and then read a bit. After maybe 40 minutes, I put the book down, and went to the bathroom. I was a bit shocked, because usually when I walk down the hallway, the carpet isn't soaking wet. I heard water running, so I turned on the light, and sure enough – the dishwasher was gushing water all over my floor. It must have been doing this for at least 20 minutes.

Shock. Panic. I turned the knob on the dishwasher to "off" hoping that that would help alleviate my flooding situation. No good. I opened the door, surely that would stop the water? Nope. I looked under the sink and turned off the first water valve I saw, and since it was the cold water, that didn't do much good either. I finally got the water turned off, and was able to relax slightly. I picked up my phone and dialed the "emergency after-hours maintenance" number, and learned that I can't rely on that if I ever have an emergency. I still haven't heard back from anyone.

So I spent the rest of the night, and most of this morning sweeping water out my door, laying towels on the carpet, ringing out towels, slipping around on my kitchen floor.. it's been a lot of fun. At one point I decided to take a break and lay down on my bed. About two and a half hours later I woke up on my living room floor. I'm not sure.. don't ask.

And I'm still working on drying this place out. At least it's windy. With all the doors and windows open, that should help quite a bit.

Since I'm venting, I might as well get out some other stuff.

1) I'm going to have to pick up a second job. I don't know where, I don't know what. If you know any place that's looking for a decent programmer that they want to pay way too much – hook me up.

2) I might have to rent out my second room. I don't know who I'd be willing to put in here though. I don't know anyone that's looking for a place, and I don't want to bring in some random person. A random female would be awkward, and I don't think I'd like it.. and a random not-female, well, I think I'd have nightmares and wonder if he was a not-quite-reformed serial killer or something.

3) I'm worried about the girl.  She's got a lot on her plate right now, and I wish I could make things easier for her, but I'm afraid that I'm doing the opposite. All I can do is be supportive and try not to fall-back on my habit of saying stupid things at the worst possible time. I know she's strong enough to handle things, but I think sometimes she forgets that. It's hard. I love her, and it hurts knowing that she's going through this. lyg.

4) I ended up eating over 4000 calories yesterday. Guess how much weight I gained? None.

Anyway.. #3 is my big concern. The other stuff can fall apart around me as much as it needs to, I can't really worry about money or anything anymore. I just have to enjoy what I've got, and try to take care of what matters most to me. The important stuff.

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