Expanding my wardrobe

Just from looking at the clothes that I wear, it's easy to tell that I've still got that student mentality going on. T-shirt and shorts, t-shirt and jeans (sometimes), t-shirt and khakis (with as many pockets as I can find) – that's pretty much how it goes every day. Sometimes I'll toss on a long sleeved shirt on top, and probably roll up the sleeves, but for the most part I'm a t-shirt guy.


It feels good. It's comfortable. I'll dress up when I feel the need, like when I'm doing something special with someone special, but other than that, it's pretty rare.

I think 90% of the shirts that I wear are either from thinkgeek.com or free shirts I snagged from various bands. My posting mojo is really low tonight, sorry about this. 😛  …. Anyway, thinkgeek.com, I recommend checking it out. Right now they've got their t-shirt grab bag sale going on. You pay $6, you get a random t-shirt design. I couldn't help myself, I ordered 4 this morning, and I also ordered a free STFU Beer Stein. 🙂

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