Good Job West Bend, WI! Show The World Just How Ignorant You Are!

So, apparently the city of West Bend, Wisconsin is gearing up for a BOOK BURNING.

Why? Because "All the books in the young-adult zone that deal with homosexuality are gay-affirming."

Obviously no "young adults" should be able to see material like this! </sarcasm>

These people must have missed the memo that you can't "catch the gay" just by seeing a book on a shelf.

Being gay isn't a choice, and the "young adults" age is one of the toughest periods for someone who is gay to go through. Having books that they can read and relate to can make all the negative pressures from the world around them just a little bit easier to handle. What kind of jack-ass would even consider removing them? Much less burning them?! Oh, and "gay-affirming" books can be read (and enjoyed) by heterosexuals too!

Burning books?! If we're going to jump back into the dark ages, to times where ignorance ruled… I would like to suggest that the people proposing the book burning are WITCHES, and the only reason to justify burning the books is to light the fires for the witch burning.

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