Great Value Toaster Pastries != Pop-tarts

I LOVE Strawberry Pop-tarts. Toasted, un-toasted, I even microwaved them once, they're just good.

I've also tried generic store-brand versions. And none of them have that same… Pop-tarts…ness. But for the price, the Walmart "Great Value" brand toaster pastries are good enough. Interestingly, they show up on the receipt as "Poptarts", which just strikes me as wrong.

Since I'm rambling anyway… what's up with the multi-colored sprinkles on REAL strawberry Pop-tarts? How come the imitators never copy that? Other than Great Value that is – they've got a similar sprinkle party going on.

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  1. dolores rogers said,

    i am disgusted in what i found in my great value pop tarts. After eating one and giving my grandson one i found black stuff, which looks like mildew on the back side of it!!!!! It is in the whole box of them. I'm taking them back to Walmart today and hope they get recalled. Its totaling disgusting!! And I'm so sick that I gave it to my grandson! I pray that nothing happens to us from this disgusting pop tart. I will never buy pop tarts again!

    March 14, 2013 @ 9:52 am

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