I'll See You In Your Dreams

Yesterday I posted about my luck.. and since luck is such a subjective topic, I may have technically ended up posting about nothing. Maybe leprechauns.. who knows.

How about something much more tangible (in an intangible way), and less subject to possible wishful-thinking on my part: Deja vu. Lately my dreams have been toying with me, I'll wake up knowing that there's something important, something out of the ordinary that I *should* remember, but the harder I try the more elusive it seems to become. I've been noticing this same behavior from my brain while trying to remember things about my childhood, important things, things that I should be able to spit out without thinking are now hidden from me.

So what does this have to do with Deja vu? I'm starting to think that these dreams are almost premonitionary (not a word) in a way, because when I do seem to remember parts of them, it's an absolute Deja vu experience. Lately I've been having too many events happen, too many conversations where I know I've already experienced them, and in some cases can anticipate the exact next words spoken, and know how I responded before it's even my turn to respond.

Perhaps I'm just becoming schizophrenic.

Whatever it is, I welcome it into my life as well.

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