Where Are Twix Bars Made?

I'm not sure what caused it, but on Tuesday I had a strange compulsion to answer the question "where are twix bars made?" Some quick googling turned up absolutely nothing useful. But rather than get discouraged and give up, I instead turned to Twix.com's contact form. Then, with my amazing attention span, I quickly (and completely) forgot about it. But the helpful people at Twix didn't forget, and on Thursday I got the following reply:

In response to your email regarding TWIX COOKIE BARS.

Thank you for your email.

Mars Snackfood US operates manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, and Texas.

Have a great day!

Your Friends at Mars Snackfood US

Which, at first glance, was a bit exciting – I had my answer. But then I thought about it.. "manufacturing facilities in…" does not mean "Twix Cookie Bars are made in facilities in…"..

Armed with this new information, I revised my searching and found the answer:
Where are twix bars made? Cleveland, TN.
Twix are made in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Here's a bit more candy for you information junkies – the U.S. manufacturing facilities and the products that they make:

Albany, GA manufactures
Kudos(R), Combos(R) and SNICKERS(R) Marathon.

Burr Ridge, IL produces
all of the frozen confectionery products.

Chicago, IL produces
MILKY WAY(R), 3 MUSKETEERS(R), SNICKERS(R) in the Fun Size and Minis format, Dove Promises and MUNCH Bar.

Cleveland, TN produces
all varieties of M&M'S(R) Chocolate Candies, and TWIX(R) Cookie Bars.

Elizabethtown, PA produces

Hackettstown, NJ
M&M'S(R) Milk Chocolate Candies, M&M'S(R) Peanut Chocolate Candies, M&M'S(R) MINIS(R) Milk Chocolate Candies and MY M&M'S Custom Candies.

Henderson, NV produces
all the ethel chocolate lounge confections.

Waco, TX produces
SKITTLES(R) Bite Size Candy, STARBURST(R) Fruit Chews, and SNICKERS(R) Bars.

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