Cone-ing [YouTube]

The "war paint" at the end is great!


Canoeing in McDonald's

I had never realized it until just now, but apparently one of my dreams in life is to take a canoe through a McDonald's. YEEEAAAAH!

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Fast Food Pricing

Awhile ago, Taco Bell began a campaign marketing the "Beefy 5-Layer Burrito" for just 89 cents. The local Taco Bell was participating at first, but after just a couple of weeks, you could hear the commercial on the radio in your car, immediately walk into the Taco Bell, and find that somehow $0.89 had turned into $1.29. Lame.

Now T-Bell has introduced four $2 meals that include a drink and a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. One of the meals is a Gordita Supreme.

The normal menu price for a Gordita Supreme? $2.09.

By paying 9 cents LESS, you can also get a drink and a bag of chips. I wonder if, when a customer orders a gordita, the cashiers are allowed to suggest paying almost a dime less and getting a free drink and chips? I doubt it.

Another interesting pricing example is the Cherry Pie at McDonald's. A Cherry Pie is 99 cents. But if you go ahead and buy two of them, the price only jumps up to $1. For just a single penny, a person can double their Cherry Pie-ness.

Pie-ness. 😛

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McDonald's Bacon and Cheese Angus Third Pounder

It's day 2 of my week off (or day 4 of a 9 day vacation if you count the weekends).

What better way to celebrate DAY 2 than by going to McDonald's and giving their new Angus Third Pounder a try? And what better way to give it a try than by getting it with cheese and bacon on it? I can think of none, so that's what I did.

My take on the Angus Third Pounder? It's good. It's still Mcdonald's, but it's GOOD McDonald's.


(Something I just realized while writing this… if you accidentally leave out the 'g' in Angus, the spell checker won't catch it, and it suddenly looks like I'm describing the most disgusting burger ever.)

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Oh Man! McDonald's One-Third Pound Angus Burgers?!


Do you realize that by introducing a 1/3lb Angus burger, and offering it with cheese and bacon… that I'm going to have to try it?

I try really hard not to eat at McDonald's, and that works out pretty well… but when I do go, I normally end up getting a double quarter-pounder. That's a half pound (pre-cooked weight) of meat. With the fries and drink, that's a bit much. The single quarter-pounder, on the other hand, isn't quite enough. (This is reading like I'm a 300lb person. I'm 6'2" and 165lbs..) So this magical 1/3lb burger is like the MAGICAL in-between burger!


It's too bad The Ninja can't recommend food.

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