If Your Name is 8 Letters Long – You're an Autobot!

Stats –
Most common name length:
[Autobots] – 8
[Decepticons] – 9

Shortest names:
[Autobots] – Kup
[Decepticons] – Hook, Blot

Longest names:
[Autobots] – Punch-Counterpunch
[Decepticons] – Thundercracker

Average length names:
[Autobots: 8 chars] – Ironhide, Grimlock, Seaspray, Firestar, Air Raid, Superion, Hot Spot, Defensor, Springer, Steeljaw, Tailgate, Sky Lynx, Nosecone, Wideload, Sureshot, Hardhead, Highbrow, Cerebros, Fastlane
[Decepticons: 9 chars] – Soundwave, Laserbeak, Shockwave, Reflector, Bombshell, Long Haul, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Blitzwing, Breakdown, Wildrider, Blast Off, Onslaught, Galvatron, Trypticon, Razorclaw, Predaking, Cutthroat, Weirdwolf, Scorponok

This is a follow-up to spudart's First letters of Transformers names and my Autobot names and Decepticon names posts.

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List of Transformers Names (Autobots)

This is a list of the names and transformed mode of the Autobots from the Transformers cartoon series.

Optimus Prime [Cab-over engine semi-trailer]
Wheeljack [1977 Lancia Stratos Turbo]
Bumblebee [1967 Volkswagen Beetle]
Cliffjumper [1982 Porsche 924]
Prowl [1979 Nissan 280ZX Police Car]
Jazz [1983 Porsche 935 Turbo]
Sideswipe [1974 Lamborghini Countach LP500S]
Ratchet [1960 Nissan Onebox Vanette Ambulance]
Ironhide [1959 Nissan Onebox Vanette]
Hound [1943 Mitsubishi J59 Military Jeep]
Mirage [1975 F-1 Ligier JS-11 Formula-1 racer]
Trailbreaker [1985 Toyota 4WD Hilux]
Sunstreaker [1994 Super-Tuned Lamborghini Countach LP500S]
Bluestreak [1974 Nissan 280ZX]
Windcharger [1995 Pontiac Firebird]
Brawn [1969 Land Rover]
Huffer [A Mini Diesel Truck]
Gears [1952 4WD Off-Road Pickup Truck]
Skyfire [VF-1 Valkyrie]
Grimlock [Tyrannosaurus rex]
Slag [Triceratops]
Sludge [Brontosaurus]
Snarl [Stegosaurus]
Swoop [Pteranodon]
Warpath [M551 Sheridan Tank]
Tracks [1970's Chevrolet Corvette Stingray]
Grapple [1951 Mitsubishi Fuso Crane Truck]
Blaster [1984 Radio-Cassette Deck]
Red Alert [Lamborghini Countach LP500S]
Smokescreen [Datsun 280ZX]
Perceptor [Microscope]
Seaspray [Hovercraft]
Hoist [1984 Toyota 4WD Hilux Tow Truck]
Powerglide [A-10 Warthog]
Beachcomber [1945 Dune Buggy]
Inferno [1955 Mitsubishi Fuso Fire Truck]
Cosmos [Flying Saucer]
Omega Supreme [Base with Tank and Rocket ship]
Devcon [Small Spaceship]
Skids [Honda City Turbo Mini-Van]
Alana [Gondola]
Elita One [Cybertronian Car]
Chromia [Cybertronian Car]
Firestar [Cybertronian Truck]
Moonracer [Cybertronian Car]
Alpha Trion [Cybertronian jet]
Silverbolt [Concorde]
Air Raid [1973 F-15 Eagle]
Slingshot [Harrier Jump Jet]
Skydive [1967 F-16]
Fireflight [F-4 Phantom]
Superion [The 5 Aerialbots]
Streetwise [Nissan 300ZX Z31 Police Car]
Groove [Harley Davidson Tour Glide Motorcycle]
First Aid [Ambulance]
Hot Spot [Mitsubishi Fuso Fire Truck]
Blades [Bell 204 Helicopter]
Defensor [The 5 Protectobots]
Hot Rod [cybertroniansports car]
Kup [cybertronian Pickup Truck]
Ultra Magnus [1985 Mack Car Carrier]
Blurr [1920 Race Car]
Springer [cybertronian Helicopter/Cybertronian Car]
Arcee [1922 Convertible Coupe]
Steeljaw [Lion/Cassette Tape]
Ramhorn [Rhino/Cassette Tape]
Eject [Cassette Tape]
Rewind [Cassette Tape]
Wheelie [Cybertronian Car]
Rodimus Prime [Cybertronian RV]
Outback [Jeep]
Broadside [Aircraft Carrier/Jet Fighter]
Pipes [A Mini Diesel Truck]
Swerve [Pickup Truck]
Tailgate [Sports Car]
Metroplex [Autobot City/Battle Station]
Sky Lynx [Space Shuttle/Pteranodon/Lynx]
U-Haul Robot [Cybertronian truck]
Sandstorm [1965 Dune Buggy/Helicopter]
Beta [Cybertronian Car]
Nosecone [Cybertronian drill]
Lightspeed [Race Car]
Strafe [Jet Fighter]
Scattershot [Jet Fighter/Cannon]
Afterburner [Motorcycle]
Computron [The 5 Technobots]
Chase []
Freeway []
Rollbar []
Searchlight []
Wideload []
Goldbug [1994 Volkswagen Beetle]
Punch-Counterpunch [Car]
Sureshot [Race Car]
Hardhead [Tank]
Chromedome [Car]
Pointblank [Truck]
Brainstorm [Jet Fighter]
Highbrow [Helicopter]
Cerebros [Miniature Battle Station]
Crosshairs [Truck]
Fastlane/Cloudraker [Dune Buggy (Fastlane), Jet (Cloudraker)]
Fortress Maximus [City/Battle Station]

If something is left out, or incorrect, leave a comment and I'll fix it.

-(list of Decepticon names)

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List of Transformers Names (Decepticons)

This is a list of the names and transformed mode of the Decepticons from the Transformers cartoon series.

Megatron [1913 U.N.C.L.E. Walther P-38]
Skywarp [1974 F-15 Eagle]
Starscream [1975 F-15 Eagle]
Thundercracker [1976 F-15 Eagle]
Soundwave [Microcassette recorder]
Laserbeak [Condor/Cassette Tape]
Shockwave [Laser Cannon]
Reflector [1981 Kodak Camera]
Rumble [Cassette Tape]
Ravage [Panther/Cassette Tape]
Frenzy [Cassette Tape]
Shrapnel [Stag Beetle]
Bombshell [Japanese rhinoceros beetle]
Kickback [Grasshopper]
Hook [1970 Crane Vehicle]
Scrapper [1971 Front End Loader]
Bonecrusher [1972 Bulldozer]
Long Haul [1973 Dump truck]
Scavenger [1974 Excavator]
Mixmaster [1975 Cement Truck]
Devastator [The 6 Constructicons]
Buzzsaw [Bird/Cassette Tape]
Thrust [Vertical Takeoff Jet Fighter]
Ramjet [Jet Fighter]
Blitzwing [Type 74 Tank/MiG-25 Foxbat]
Dirge [Jet Fighter]
Astrotrain [Locomotive/Discovery]
Deceptitran [none]
Motormaster [Kenworth K100 Aerodyne Sleeper Tractor Trailer]
Drag Strip [Tyrrell P34]
Dead End [Porsche 928]
Breakdown [Lamborghini Countach]
Wildrider [Ferrari 308 GTB]
Menasor [The 5 Stunticons]
Brawl [Leopard tank]
Swindle [Willys Jeep]
Blast Off [Space Shuttle]
Vortex [SH-2 Seasprite]
Onslaught [Self-propelled artillery Truck]
Bruticus [The 5 Combaticons]
Ratbat [Bat/Cassette Tape]
Galvatron [Laser Cannon]
Cyclonus [Cybertronian Jet]
Scourge [Cybertronian Hovercraft]
Octane [Boeing 747/Tanker Truck]
Trypticon [Tyrannosaurus rex/Decepticon City/Battle Station]
Tantrum [Bull]
Rampage [Tiger]
Headstrong [Rhinoceros]
Razorclaw [Lion]
Divebomb [Eagle]
Predaking [The 5 Predacons]
Runamuck [Pontiac Trans Am]
Runabout [Lotus Esprit]
Rippersnapper [White Reptilian Monster]
Blot [Blue Monster]
Sinnertwin [Orange Two-Headed Monster]
Cutthroat [Birdlike Monster]
Hun-Grrr [White Two-Headed Monster]
Abominus [The 5 Terrorcons]
Slugfest [Stegosaurus]
Overkill [Tyrannosaurus rex]
Triggerhappy [Jet Fighter]
Weirdwolf [Wolf]
Skullcruncher [Alligator]
Misfire [Jet Fighter]
Mindwipe [Bat]
Apeface [Fighter Jet/Ape]
Snapdragon [Fighter Jet/Tyrannosaurus rex]
Pounce/Wingspan [Puma (Pounce), Hawk (Wingspan)]
Sixshot [Tank/Armored Car/Starship/Laser Pistol/Wolf]
Slugslinger [Jet Fighter]
Scorponok [City/Scorpion]

If something is left out, or incorrect, leave a comment and I'll fix it.

-(list of Autobot Names)

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