List of Transformers Names (Decepticons)

This is a list of the names and transformed mode of the Decepticons from the Transformers cartoon series.

Megatron [1913 U.N.C.L.E. Walther P-38]
Skywarp [1974 F-15 Eagle]
Starscream [1975 F-15 Eagle]
Thundercracker [1976 F-15 Eagle]
Soundwave [Microcassette recorder]
Laserbeak [Condor/Cassette Tape]
Shockwave [Laser Cannon]
Reflector [1981 Kodak Camera]
Rumble [Cassette Tape]
Ravage [Panther/Cassette Tape]
Frenzy [Cassette Tape]
Shrapnel [Stag Beetle]
Bombshell [Japanese rhinoceros beetle]
Kickback [Grasshopper]
Hook [1970 Crane Vehicle]
Scrapper [1971 Front End Loader]
Bonecrusher [1972 Bulldozer]
Long Haul [1973 Dump truck]
Scavenger [1974 Excavator]
Mixmaster [1975 Cement Truck]
Devastator [The 6 Constructicons]
Buzzsaw [Bird/Cassette Tape]
Thrust [Vertical Takeoff Jet Fighter]
Ramjet [Jet Fighter]
Blitzwing [Type 74 Tank/MiG-25 Foxbat]
Dirge [Jet Fighter]
Astrotrain [Locomotive/Discovery]
Deceptitran [none]
Motormaster [Kenworth K100 Aerodyne Sleeper Tractor Trailer]
Drag Strip [Tyrrell P34]
Dead End [Porsche 928]
Breakdown [Lamborghini Countach]
Wildrider [Ferrari 308 GTB]
Menasor [The 5 Stunticons]
Brawl [Leopard tank]
Swindle [Willys Jeep]
Blast Off [Space Shuttle]
Vortex [SH-2 Seasprite]
Onslaught [Self-propelled artillery Truck]
Bruticus [The 5 Combaticons]
Ratbat [Bat/Cassette Tape]
Galvatron [Laser Cannon]
Cyclonus [Cybertronian Jet]
Scourge [Cybertronian Hovercraft]
Octane [Boeing 747/Tanker Truck]
Trypticon [Tyrannosaurus rex/Decepticon City/Battle Station]
Tantrum [Bull]
Rampage [Tiger]
Headstrong [Rhinoceros]
Razorclaw [Lion]
Divebomb [Eagle]
Predaking [The 5 Predacons]
Runamuck [Pontiac Trans Am]
Runabout [Lotus Esprit]
Rippersnapper [White Reptilian Monster]
Blot [Blue Monster]
Sinnertwin [Orange Two-Headed Monster]
Cutthroat [Birdlike Monster]
Hun-Grrr [White Two-Headed Monster]
Abominus [The 5 Terrorcons]
Slugfest [Stegosaurus]
Overkill [Tyrannosaurus rex]
Triggerhappy [Jet Fighter]
Weirdwolf [Wolf]
Skullcruncher [Alligator]
Misfire [Jet Fighter]
Mindwipe [Bat]
Apeface [Fighter Jet/Ape]
Snapdragon [Fighter Jet/Tyrannosaurus rex]
Pounce/Wingspan [Puma (Pounce), Hawk (Wingspan)]
Sixshot [Tank/Armored Car/Starship/Laser Pistol/Wolf]
Slugslinger [Jet Fighter]
Scorponok [City/Scorpion]

If something is left out, or incorrect, leave a comment and I'll fix it.

-(list of Autobot Names)

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  1. Carolyn lawson said,

    I just bought my son a decepticon minicon. I threw out the packaging before i read his name. Could you help me? His torso, head, and lower legs are black. There are yellow symbols on his chest as well as a yellow crotch area (lol). His arms look like pistons are are maroon, except for the very bottom ,which is black also. On his back are silver weapons of some kind that sort of resemble wings. I have searched everywhere for an image of this decepticon and cannoot find it. It came packaged with an autobot mini that i believe is called RC maybe? (shes pink and white). Please help!

    April 25, 2010 @ 12:34 pm

  2. spudart said,

    Sounds like a gobot to me.

    April 26, 2010 @ 3:05 am

  3. spudart said,

    Carolyn, what is this transformer's alternate form (another way of asking this is what does this transformer change into?… an airplane?)

    April 26, 2010 @ 3:07 am

  4. Sara said,

    Thanks very much for this – alot of work involved to create it !

    It's just what my son's been asking me for.

    February 27, 2011 @ 7:29 am

  5. Kristina said,

    I was wondering if you also may be able to help me identify a Decepticon jet I bought at a consignment sale? I can send you a picture if you'd like. It was built by Takara in 2001. It's dark blue with red striping and looks a lot like Starscream or one of the other Seekers but it has canards on the nose. Also, the canopy is solid yellow, unlike Dirge, Ramjet, and the others I've looked at. The guy has a red face and the Decepticon symbols on the wings are pink.

    I would appreciate any help.

    April 29, 2011 @ 11:27 am

  6. spudart said,

    There are only three Decepticons that have a name that start with A. Abominus, Apeface, and Astrotrain.

    Five autobots: Afterburner, Air Raid, Alana, Alpha Trion, and Arcee

    February 28, 2012 @ 2:46 pm

  7. spudart said,

    I didn't know that each of the air plane Decepticons were from different years.
    Skywarp [1974 F-15 Eagle]
    Starscream [1975 F-15 Eagle]
    Thundercracker [1976 F-15 Eagle]

    February 28, 2012 @ 2:49 pm

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