Why Do We Like Magic Tricks?

The basis of magic tricks is.. to trick. To deceive in a way that makes something that is completely possible (even though it may take years of practice to perfect) seem impossible and appear amazing when it's done.

And it's not like the person watching doesn't know that it's a trick. No one calls the cops when the assistant gets cut in half. Instead everyone cheers and claps. "Yay! He pretended to kill his assistant!" … It's a bizarre form of entertainment.

Instead of watching magicians, people should do something much more fun. Like eating strawberry-rhubarb pie.

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  1. spudart said,

    When I was at the Orlando Magic game last week (in Orlando), the halftime show was a magician that kept putting his partner inside a draped hoop, and when he would pull away the hoop, she would be in a completely different outfit. It was bizarre. His partner was only inside the draped hoop for about a second. They did that about 8 times.

    All in all, it was kind of a lame halftime show. Now that I think of it, it makes me wonder if the Orlando MAGIC always has a magic show for the halftime. Cuz it's the Orlando MAGIC. I didn't make the connection at the time. The magicians must have brainwashed my brain.

    November 15, 2012 @ 3:55 pm

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