Before There Was Snuggie…

There were these things called bathrobes. They even had a belt thing that went around them so you could secure the bathrobe to yourself and walk around.

You know.. a Snuggie looks a LOT like a bathrobe that's just been put on backwards – now THAT is some brilliant thinkerizing and inventering.

How much do you want to bet that the Snuggie was "invented" during a drunken coordination-less attempt to put on a bathrobe?

I know, you're thinking "but a bathrobe won't cover my feet like a Snuggie!". and you're right. Fortunately, life isn't a medieval-combat video game where you're only allowed to wear on piece of clothing that covers your legs – you can double up and put a normal blanket over your feet (or even slippers), giving you the freedom that only a Snuggie commercial seems to be able to offer.

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  1. kim said,

    hmmm… i might just have to go oldschool and wear my bathrobe backwards! wayyyy cooler than being a part of the snuggie cult, but just as warm!!! haha 😉

    February 20, 2009 @ 9:18 pm

  2. cactus joe said,

    can you post a pic of a snuggie. ever since my TV mysteriously went dark (actually snowy) on Feb 17th (wtf?) I have been isolated from pop culture. i thought aliens had jammed all radio transmissions. turns out if was just corporate bureaucrats who have no idea what they are doing.

    this is some funny shiite sparx. if you could convert this into dialog, you could be a standup comic.


    February 21, 2009 @ 11:52 am

  3. spudart said,

    I want a gray snuggie SO BAD.

    February 22, 2009 @ 12:21 pm

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