I was on the phone with a certain someone, trying to talk about everything and nothing.. because it feels good. And one of the 'nothings' that I started talking about (before the phone lost signal) was this candle in my kitchen. One of many purchases from the evil-empire of Wal-Mart. So, for the sake of continuing that conversation, I'll blog about it tonight. And I'll keep it in the "why are you talking like that?" format.
Now, this candle isn't just an ordinary candle. No. I would even go as far as saying that it was a "magical" candle. Please note that "magical" is in quotes, inferring that it's not actually magical. But it is a lovely large jar candle.. 3 layers. It's name? "Baker's Dozen." Its layers? "Cookie Crunch" "Maple Spice" and "Cranberry Oatmeal."

I'm still about halfway through the cookie crunch, and at first, I thought that it was the ultimate candle scent. It makes the entire house smell like there are a bunch of cookies ready to come out of the oven. After letting it burn for quite some time, the jar heated up enough to get a bit of the maple spice going. It was like a symphony of cookies and pancakes suddenly began playing. If only you could experience it.

I'm not entirely looking forward to the cranberry oatmeal layer though. I'm sure that it smells good, but getting to it means that I'll be entirely out of the cookie crunch and low on the maple spice. I'm not sure how I'll cope.

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