One Year Ago

Where were you one year ago? How much has changed since then?

Looking back, I think I'm almost exactly in the same place as I was. An entire year has passed and I have virtually nothing to show for it. I've moved since then, but it's almost the same living situation as I had. I'm still in the same job, and (still) really don't want to be in the same job.  Personality-wise, I think I'm better off, still awkward and shy.. but less so.

I think that's the biggest change I can come up with – being able to deal with people slightly better.

I'm not sure if there's anything more frustrating than looking at your life and seeing that it's so stagnant. So, a few of the ideas that have been floating around in the back of my mind are being pushed way up to the front of the queue. The limiting factor here is going to be my annoyingly consistent tendency to procrastinate.

Oh, and I ate muscat flavored chocolate covered jellybean things.

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  1. Kate said,

    i think your personality has improved greatly from when i first met you. although you are still a bit shy, you're outgonig and talkative and funny and friendly. of course, it helps when you can make fun of me…that really seems to open you up, haha 😛

    i hope this year will be a better year for you, with many happy and positive changes to your life. go out and make it happen!

    April 1, 2008 @ 9:47 am

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