p90x.. I sue..err..hurt like hell because of you.

So I found a copy of the p90x workout videos that I can borrow.. It's pretty brutal. My body isn't really used to working out, and I threw quite a bit at it last night. I couldn't completely follow along with the video, because I don't have a chin-up bar, and I gave up after about 40 minutes because I couldn't do too much more moving.

I think I must have done about a billion pushups. I kept getting to the point where I'd be counting a set, and get to 30, and then my brain would kick in and be like "no, you can't even do 30. you're done" and then my arms would give out.

I'm really not sore anymore, but I think I have like "phantom pain" where I keep imagining what it felt like last night.

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  1. Dave Daikeler said,

    Hey…so you tried it now keep going! I'm a coach with Million Dollar Body and I did P90X in the spring and am now in my 4th week of round 2! You can do it you just need to 'Bring it' like Tony keeps saying!

    If you need help or have questions, please let me know and I'll help.

    Do your best and forget the rest!

    Dave Daikeler
    MDB Coach and Founder

    August 11, 2007 @ 10:01 am

  2. sparx said,

    Thanks. 🙂 I need all the motivation that I can muster up.

    Just curious.. how'd you find this post? I don't think google even has it indexed yet. I'm surprised by some of the traffic that I'm already getting…

    Once again, thanks.. and if you ever have any extra equipment/products/whatever.. 😉 jk

    August 11, 2007 @ 1:26 pm

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