RECIPE IDEA: Ranch Burgers

I'm a huge fan of ranch dressing. It's good on all kinds of things – vegetables, fried cheese curds, breadsticks, french fries.. and burgers.

There are currently only 2 ways I know of for getting ranch on a burger. The first is just that, putting ranch dressing on a burger – but you never really get enough with each bite. The second is dipping the burger in the ranch – but that can get messy depending on the burger and the container the ranch is in.

I propose a third method: putting the ranch IN the burger before cooking the meat. Instead of using actual ranch dressing I like the idea of using those packets of ranch dressing seasoning, or ranch dip seasoning. In a powdered form it would be much easier to mix in.

I'm not sure what the ideal ratio of seasoning to meat would be, so that'll come down to trial and error. But I think I'm going to have to test this one out soon… it just tastes way too good in my head.

And once it's perfected, it's only logical to crumble up cooked bacon and add that into the burger too.

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