Stop wasting everyone's time

Brad Isaac posted an excellent article on his Achieve It! blog about getting answers to life's toughest questions.

What really struck me about the post was that I could see myself (a lot in the last few weeks) making a mess of things in my life by asking the wrong question and getting frustrated by the answer that I got back. I'd suggest reading the post for yourself, but I'll briefly go over what stuck in my head – I know I'm not doing the article justice, but bear with me.

  • When you need an answer to a question, be direct and actually ask the question. Don't over-generalize what you're asking, because the answer you get will reflect that.
  • Be prepared to take in the answer that you get. Make sure you remember it.. write it down. Getting the perfect answer doesn't matter if you just forget it.
  • But most importantly, use your new information wisely. If you're looking for advice, and you get it, you need to act on it. You need to be ready to act on it right away. Once again, the best answer is meaningless if you don't do anything with it.

It's simple. It makes sense. But for some reason I haven't been doing it, and looking at the way I've handled things before, it might actually be a change that I need to actively work at.

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