There's A 79% Chance That I'm An Idiot

So, ignore the last post. I'll try to make up for the lack of lolcats last Friday this week.. or maybe I'll just have more pictures to weed through – either way, this Friday might be slightly better lolcat-wise.

Why am I an idiot? Many reasons. The last post.. the reason I decided that I shouldn't, no, couldn't blog, was because my posts would turn into a bunch of whiny "I'm sorry" posts that would do more harm than good. But I just realized that that's not it at all. I felt like something was taken away from me, so I tried to take something back. The worst part is, I didn't even realize I was doing it.

What's done is done, I suppose. My actions, whether intentional or not, have repercussions.. and now I have to deal with those. There's a good chance that I won't like the way that I've pushed things, but I've made my bed, as they say.

I can't guarantee the daily blog posts for awhile. But I'm not going to stop blogging. I'm not going to knowingly be a jerk.

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  1. kate said,

    yay! i'm glad you decided to keep blogging 🙂 and i'm very excited for a bigger better version of lolcats this friday!

    June 24, 2008 @ 2:36 pm

  2. sparx said,

    I can't promise that this weeks lolcats will be bigger or better.. just that they'll (probably) be posted.

    June 24, 2008 @ 2:37 pm

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