Please Don't Buy The Obama Coins

You've seen them advertised on TV. "Get your authentic Barack Obama U.S. Silver Dollar.. blahblahblah. Buy now and get like FOUR of them! For $20!"

Please. PLEASE! Do not trade anyone $20 + shipping and handling for four $1 coins.

These are not collectors items. They are normal one dollar coins (the kind that you can walk into the bank and trade a dollar bill for) with a STICKER on them. They will not increase in value – 20 years from now they will still be a $1 coin, worth $1.

I know that public education has failed many Americans, and left many without basic reasoning skills.. but.. it still saddens me that anyone, no matter how intelligent (or un) can be coerced by a television commercial into agreeing to trade $20+ for $4.

If you really want Obama dollar coins, head to the bank and get a few $1 coins (they'll cost you… $1 each!), buy a pack of Avery stickers for your printer, print off and stick some little Obama heads onto the coins and VOILA, you just saved yourself from getting ripped off!

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